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Homeland Security AS

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Credits: 63-64

Cost per credit: $196

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Homeland Security AS

The SUNY Online Homeland Security A.S. degree from Monroe Community College equips you with the knowledge and skills to provide vital prevention and protection services to our country and your community. The accredited, two-year degree inspires students to discover a world of career opportunities in national, private, community, or global security.

Homeland security experts are the people who protect us from and respond to national disasters, terrorism, and public health crises. Graduates with a homeland security degree enjoy opportunities in law enforcement, intelligence analysis, information security, infrastructure protection, emergency management, and many others. Learn about joining the front lines as an immigration or customs inspector, a trained expert in law enforcement, or an emergency medical services provider. Perhaps you prefer the combat domestic and global threats online instead, the homeland security degree prepares you to work behind the scenes in cybersecurity and emergency planning.

After successfully graduating with your degree in homeland security, you will be ready to transfer as a junior to an online bachelor's degree program in homeland security, cybersecurity, security studies, informatics, or a related major at a SUNY college.

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“I applaud the MCC Homeland Security programs for the work they do to educate us.” – Robert Duffy Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce President and CEO
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Program consists of: 4 Semesters
Credits: 64

Cost per Credit: New York Residents: $196 Out of State: $392

About the Program

The two-year homeland security degree at Monroe Community College allows students to study full-time or part-time. Students have access to MCC instructors with real-world experience and connections to a network of area security experts around the globe. Your curriculum includes the study of homeland security and emergency management in the U.S., terrorism and terrorist motivations, the role of cybersecurity, emergency response strategies, and tactics for safeguarding critical infrastructures and resources.

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What jobs can I get with a homeland security degree?

  • Homeland security and graduates in related fields pursue careers in
  • Loss Prevention Management
  • Government and Private Security
  • Secret Service
  • Information Security
  • Emergency Planning and Response
  • Immigration and Customs
  • Fire Protection
  • Law Enforcement
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Cybersecurity
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Benefits of getting a 2-year degree in homeland security

  • All courses are taught by experienced faculty with real-world experience.
  • Students may save as much as 60% savings over a four-year school’s tuition.
  • Graduates can continue their studies online through SUNY Empire State, Canton, or Albany.
  • After graduation, students can transfer to a SUNY school as a junior.
  • All majors courses offered online throughout the year.
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Online homeland security courses

  • Intro to Intelligence Processes
  • Physical Security
  • Historical and Contemp Perspectives on Terrorism and Homeland Security
  • Intro to Cybersecurity
  • Communication and Crisis
  • Intro to Emergency Management
  • Computer Security I
  • International Politics
  • Organizational and Facility Security

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